Go for the job offer, then decide if you want the job

When you go for a job interview, we recommend that you pursue the job and an offer of employment as if it’s your life’s ambition.  All too often, candidates may think that an interview is not going well, the salary is too low, the person with whom they are interviewing is a jerk, or that the office atmosphere seems shabby, or less feng shui than they hoped.  It’s human nature to make snap decisions based on first impressions, only to regret them later.  When those thoughts are in the back of your mind, you consciously or unconsciously give up halfway through the interview, significantly reducing the possibility of getting a job offer.

Consider this: maybe the interview is going better than expected, maybe you’ll impress management enough to increase the original salary range, maybe the interviewer won’t be your future boss, or maybe the company is scheduled to move into a new, modern space next month.  The takeaway is to keep all that stuff going on in the back of your mind in the back of your mind, and to keep the front singularly focused on getting an offer.  The best advice we can give you is to be professional and finish what you started to the best of your ability.  No one has a gun to your head to take this job. You're in the driver's seat because you can always withdraw from the process or turn down an offer. It’s better that you make that decision, than have it made for you. So go get yourself an offer!