Short-term or long-term, we provide the best screened, most capable staff. 



Take 500 hours to test your candidate’s fit, then convert when you’re ready.



direct hire

Leave the recruiting to us! Enjoy less turnover, less training, and less lost time.


why elite?

To get great employees — the easy way! Partner with a staffing agency that knows how to match great candidates with great clients, which, in turn, saves you money.

what does this mean for my business?

Getting good, talented staff with less stress! Less turnover, less training, less time spent finding new people — saves you time and money! We offer staffing solutions to companies and organizations of all sizes in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C.

how will elite personnel save me time and money?

By finding appropriate, qualified, properly-vetted candidates quickly. We do our job right so that your time is well spent reviewing only the great candidates carefully selected for your company.

We do all of this so you don't have to:

  • Read more resumes everyday than you want to imagine

  • Select the best candidates for a phone screen

  • Conduct a thorough phone screen — invite the best for an in-person interview

  • Test each candidate on software, typing, writing and grammar skills

  • Have two recruiters interview each candidate in person

  • Review job history and assess each candidate for professionalism, communication skills, initiative, presentation, adaptability and career goals.

  • If the candidate gets a thumbs up after the in-person interview, we start the reference checking process.

  • After the references are completed, we do a final review.

  • When we are satisfied that the candidate meets our standards, we consider them for positions. This is where our 30 years of staffing experience comes in — making the match between client and candidate — sometimes knowing the right match just comes down to our well-honed "people sense."


need a flexible workforce?

Call us! We can help! We have a great group of temporary associates ready and willing to do a good job for you on a short- or long-term basis.

We know people don't always have a positive image of "temps" but we really do have energetic, professional, flexible and adaptable temporary associates who understand that you need help and that they are there to provide it.

New clients call us up so often to rave about how we sent someone "who really could do the job" that it makes us wonder — who is everyone else sending?

So, if you need one person or a dozen... try us! We promise that you will like our people!

temp-to-hire info

Temp-to-hire is a great opportunity to work with a prospective employee to see if they are a great match.

How does it work? Our candidate works for you for a minimum of 500 hours at the agreed-upon rate. You can convert them to your payroll with no additional fees anytime after the candidate has worked the 500 hours.


need great staff? contact us if you want to save your sanity.

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