Think you’re special? Prove it!

We’ve just reviewed yet another resume that starts out by telling us an applicant is an excellent communicator, consistently exercises good judgment, is dependable, works well in a team environment and is detail oriented.  This person has just used up the most valuable piece of real estate on their resume proclaiming the ability to behave like any full functioning adult in the workplace.

While we’re dispensing valuable advice about crafting your resume, do not, under any circumstances, insert a self-serving objective in that important real estate either.  Reading about your desire to find a position that will allow you to grow professionally, advance your career and hone your skills just elicits a big yawn.  Employers are primarily interested in what you can do for them (and are happy to assist in your professional growth along the way, of course!).  Not that your objective should be ignored, but worry about that after you have landed the job, and your new employer has started to care about you..

What should you do?  Define your value proposition at the top of your resume with a short professional summary and a bulleted list of your most pertinent knowledge, skills and abilities; point out your fabulous software proficiencies; highlight relevant job experience; or describe a few recent successes that made you invaluable to previous employers.  Point out what sets you apart, not what makes you like a lot of other people.

Tell your family that you are hardworking, trustworthy, mature, punctual, sensitive and like long walks on the beach at sunset.  Don’t waste space on your resume telling this to a potential employer.  Otherwise, your resume will be found wrapping fish or lining a birdcage.  A sad, sad end for your CV indeed.