I Think I’m Going to be Sick!

It just makes us sick, and a little bit crazy too, that the vast majority of us misuse the word “nauseous.”  Contrary to its almost ubiquitous misuse, to be nauseous does not mean that your stomach is turned by something you have smelled or witnessed.  It actually means that someone or something has the ability to make someone else feel sick.  So, if you say you are nauseous, you’re copping to the ability to make someone sick, much like a trout fillet left out for a week in the sun would be nauseous.  Not too flattering, is it?

Now, if you purport to be nauseated because you ate that trout fillet, then you would be properly conveying the upset condition of your stomach, as you mistakenly tried to do by saying you were nauseous.  This blog is making us a little green around the gills, so we’re done here. From the bottom of our heart, feel better!