we take your career seriously!

we listen. we pay attention. we care about your success.


Our success rate for placements is almost 100%. 
(Well, ok, only 98% but we need something to strive for too!)


get the job

resume dos and don’ts

  • use microsoft word
  • do not use text boxes
  • do not use tables
  • pick an easy to read, standard font
  • use spellcheck
  • have a good proofreader proofread it
  • current jobs should be in present tense
  • past jobs should be in past tense
  • be consistent with format and punctuation!
  • objectives rule you out more often than they rule you in
  • tell the truth - we really are going to check!
  • don't include salary information unless specifically asked to do so


the interview

  • smile as though you are happy to be there
  • don't bring food or drink to the interview
  • look the interviewer in the eye
  • sit up straight
  • know what is on your resume and be able to talk about it!
  • don't relate horror stories about previous employers
  • if a previous position didn't work out, explain why clearly and without anger
  • ask appropriate questions (think about this beforehand)
  • know when you would be available to start - not some vague timeframe
  • ask for a business card from the interviewer so you can send a thank you

prepare yourself for the interview

  • review the company website thoroughly
  • wear professional clothes, shoes and accessories!
  • for goodness sake, practice a good firm handshake!
  • if you are unfamiliar with the location, scout it out the night before
  • arrive 15 minutes early!

See what Emily Post has to say about interview preparation.


next steps

  • send a hand-written thank you note immediately
  • be sure to include a sentence or two that shows you were listening!
  • follow up after 3 or 4 days to see if they need additional information


other tips

  • Join organizations where you are likely to meet employers you are interested in...often you can go to a few free events before you have to decide if you want to join
  • Ask friends and family for advice and introductions to potential employers or advisors
  • Remember to send thank you notes to everyone who helps...hand-written is best